Cheating Partners

Cheating Partners 


Worried about infidelity  or cheating? Need answers to suspicions you have - We can help.


Fully Confidental - No one will ever know

We realise that contacting a private investigator to check on your loved one is a very difficult decision, but living with fear, doubt and uncertainty is no way to live.

An investigation can generally either restore confidence in you and your partners relationship, or  it can at least give you the facts to put you in control, and to choose with  confidence whatever action you may wish to take towards your future.

A recent survey of leading  law firms recently revealed that private detectives were employed in half the  divorce proceedings in the UK  last year, as wives or husbands tried to establish whether the spouse was  having an affair or acting suspiciously, so you are not alone in pursing this  method of enquiry.

Be it a matrimonial or personal issue we will always do our best to help. We can utilise both male and  female investigators in matrimonial and divorce investigations as best suits  the situation.

This highly discreet  surveillance service is offered to private clients and solicitors to prove infidelity.  We have private investigators on hand that have many years experience and  specialise within the field.

The intelligence gathered  during the surveillance operation will quickly establish the subject’s  movements, associates, whom they are in contact with and with whom they are  discreetly meeting.

State of the art technical  equipment is used to capture proof or disproof of infidelity. Upon conclusion,  a full written report with photographic and/or video evidence of findings will  be submitted.